Custom Build Services

At Tall Tree Customs, we take pride in our ability to create unique and customizable furniture pieces and accessories for our customers. Our end-to-end process ensures that every customer receives a CAD design, pricing quote, and a quality-built product that matches their needs.

Step 1: Customer Input

It all starts with the customer's description of their desired furniture piece or accessory. Whether it's a custom dining table, a one-of-a-kind bookshelf, or a personalized coffee table, we encourage our customers to provide as much detail as possible. This input serves as the foundation for the entire process.

Step 2: CAD Design

Once we have the customer's description, our team of skilled designers creates a detailed CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model. This digital representation allows the customer to visualize the final product and make any necessary adjustments before moving forward.

Step 3: Pricing Quote

Based on the CAD design, we provide the customer with a detailed pricing quote. Our transparent pricing ensures that customers have a clear understanding of the cost involved in bringing their custom furniture piece to life. We take into account factors such as materials, labor, and any additional features or customization options. Generally, the customer can expect to spend anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 on furniture builds, and between $100 and $500 for accessory builds, but the final price quote can be lower or higher, depending on the materials, labor, and any other costs of production.

Please note that a non-refundable $100 deposit is required for furniture projects to get this process started. Accessory projects do not require a deposit. This deposit will be factored into the final price of the piece!

Step 4: Material Selection

Once the customer approves the CAD design and pricing quote, we move on to selecting the materials. We offer a wide range of high-quality materials, including various types of wood, metals, and glass. Our team guides the customer in choosing the materials that best suit their preferences and budget.

Step 5: Construction

With the materials selected, our skilled craftsmen begin the construction process. They meticulously bring the CAD design to life, paying attention to every detail and ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship. Throughout the construction phase, we maintain open communication with the customer, providing updates on the progress of their custom furniture piece.

Step 6: Quality Assurance

Before delivering the finished product to the customer, we conduct a thorough quality assurance check. Our team inspects the furniture piece or accessory to ensure that it meets our strict standards of quality and craftsmanship. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with their custom-made item.

Step 7: Delivery

Once the quality assurance check is complete, we carefully package and deliver the custom furniture piece to the customer's specified location.

At Tall Tree Customs, we believe that custom furniture should be a reflection of the customer's unique style and needs. Our end-to-end process ensures that every step of the way, from customer input to delivery, is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Contact us today to start the journey of creating your own custom furniture piece.

Contact Us to Get Started

Please contact us via email or phone to get your custom build process started today! You can contact us at You will be guided through our ordering process and given a quote and quality design within 7 business days.